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The State of Stablecoins

A must for anyone interested in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In this episode, Walkers Global partner Sara Hall talks to the CEO & Founder of Jita Digital Jerome Rousselot about the state of stablecoins.

We Talk Banking and Finance

What it takes to audit smart contracts

What it takes to audit smart contracts, a podcast with Connor Svensson.

Web3 Innovators

Distributed Ledger Technology vs traditional databases

How does DLT differ from databases? A discussion with Peter Habermacher.

Aaro Capital

Future Fabrics 2020

Our founder joined Frank Michel (ZDHC) and Maria Teresa Pisani (UNECE) to discuss Proof of Trust in Fashion, a panel moderated by Neliana Fuenmayor (a Transparent Company).

The Sustainable Angle

Conversation with Jerome Rousselot CEO & Founder Jita

A conversation with the founders of the media agency covering various industry topics.

Quantum-proofing digital money

Can quantum computing break blockchain? A discussion with Paul Amery, editor of New Money Review.

New Money Review

Tricks of the Crypto Trade: A Crypto Doctor's Diagnosis

Lawrence Wintermeyer discusses the 2017 bull market with Jita's founder.