Jita advises on strategy a few select companies. Currently, we are working with Aaro Capital, Epic Impact and Naval Martin.

Jita is at the forefront of innovation and can help you understand the latest emerging technologies. We have advised on the selection of layer 1 smart contracts platforms for trade finance, layer 2 scaling solutions and bridges, and decentralised exchanges strategic positioning.

Read below to find more about our work with:

Aaro Capital on the paradigm change between databases and blockchains and distributed ledger systems ;

New Money Review on how blockchain security is impacted by quantum computing ;

Our Forbes interview in 2018 in which we warned about the systemic risks of algorithmic stable coins such as Luna / Terra, which crashed in 2022.


Distributed Ledger Technology vs traditional databases

How does DLT differ from databases? A discussion with Peter Habermacher.

Aaro Capital

Quantum-proofing digital money

Can quantum computing break blockchain? A discussion with Paul Amery, editor of New Money Review.

New Money Review

Tricks of the Crypto Trade: A Crypto Doctor's Diagnosis

Lawrence Wintermeyer discusses the 2017 bull market with Jita's founder.


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