Jita is a global fintech innovation company

Jita is based in London since 2015, with offices in Lisbon, Barcelona, Belgrade, Toronto and Glasgow. It is perfectly located to capitalise on the combination of leading edge tech-development capability and global financial expertise.

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Our story

In 2015 the Jita founding team saw in DLT a new global payment rail to enable smaller, faster and cheaper international transactions. Jita built the first platform for blockchain microfinance and won the 2016 Innovate Finance UNICEF hackathon. After facing the regulatory complexity and the issues around microfinance, the team refocused the efforts towards unconditional cash transfers.

Today Jita helps finance specialists to innovate faster by improving strategy, product development and security.


Reinventing finance: Jita Kyoei

We believe the time is right to completely rebuild the world's financial infrastructure. The opportunity is massive and technology and regulations have dramatically reduced barriers to entry. The team at Jita is composed of technology, product and design specialists. They provide ideal and complementary skills for finance professionals who can see the change coming.